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I'm feeling a bit like writing to nobody except me - what is strange, because it's a huge forum...


Lily Evans looked absent-mindedly at her watch and jumped.
“Ah! It’s about time to go to the dungeons! I’ve almost forgotten! I have to do the potion for Slughorn!”, she cried and rushed off, taking her Potions book with her in such a hurry that she threw off Angela’s cat, sitting on it. The cat hissed dangerously and lay on her bed instead. The girl was running fast, her red, thick hair flowing in the air behind her. She was thinking about practicing of Transfiguration for McGonagall after making the potion. Gosh, such a plenty of work to do, on and on!
She ran the dark corridor, passed Professor Augustus Moody, who was teaching the Defence Against the Dark Arts, and burst into the room, where they were taught Potions. She closed the door, put the book on the table and lit the fire beneath the cauldron.
Lily jumped. It was a jumping day, it seemed. Snape was sitting on a chair hidden in twilight.
“Snape? I didn’t know you were here, I’ve almost got a heart attack”, she explained a bit shyly.
“It’s said that Griffindors are brave”, Snape’s lips curled in something that resembled a light smile.
“They are. Slytherins can be brave, too”, Lily admitted honestly, looked at ingredients written in her book and started taking out them of her ingredients set.
“You are right”, he said, standing up to his feet and preparing his ingredients too, “You showed you can express your opinions without fear. That dinner. Dumbledore”.
Lily looked a bit surprised:
“Er- thanks. It’s nice to hear these words coming from the Slytherin’s mouth”, she smiled.
“I am not stupid, Evans, remember that. Even if a certain group of people tries to make me look like one”, Severus answered and opened his book.
“Have you seen Sirius Black?”, she asked sounding a bit confused, “I wonder if he’s done his potion yet”.
“I’m afraid that you won’t meet your friend here for a next few hours. The three of them were rewarded with a detention. Professor Moody said they were to go to his office at quarter past four, so if you aren’t scared of an odd Slytherin, we’ll be alone”, answered Snape, his lips curling into a faint, bitter smile.
“Don’t joke, Severus, maybe we aren’t friends but I know you a bit and you’ve never done any harm to me”, Lily said absent-mindedly, cutting little green beans and putting them inside the cauldron, “What would you do if you won the award?”
“Oh, I have some ideas. They are- ah- excuse me, I’d rather not to talk about them”, Severus answered and his eyes became suddenly very distant, as if he made a barrier which nobody can cross. Then he glanced at the red steam above his cauldron and compared it to Lily’s work, “Why do I have a red steam, when it should be purple, I wonder. What do you do that you brew such perfect potions? You know, I’m more advanced in potions than anybody could think, but you do beat me...yours are just better, you make them with a kind of... passion? Intuition?- whatever is the most suitable word”.
“I simply love this work. Potions are my favourite subject, I really enjoy brewing, I feel as if I conjured something what can change people’s lives, what can influence it. It’s a powerful branch of magic. And you know what? I think that some recipes from the books we learn – er- you may change them a bit, add some more or less ingredients, yo can stir it in a different way... I guess I like changes, creating something new, a bit different smell, a bit different look and the result of using it is still the same”, Lily laughed.
Severus was looking at her, listening carefully. His eyes met and after a quite a long time filled with embarrassing silence, he said:
“I can appreciate when people are creative, even Griffindors. I am not stupid. I can tell you- I am creative like you...”
“Well?”, Lily seemed interested, “What do you do? I was told you’re good in it”
“I invent spells. I invent incantations, hexes and so on. They work”, he told her proudly, “I can show you when we finish”.
Lily agreed. They were working in silence, each one standing in front of their cauldrons, the colour of the steam changing, the ingredients thrown into. Lily was red on her face because of the heat, Severus concentrated on stirring in correct sides: clockwise or anti-clockwise. It lasted about thirty minutes and the silence was broken only by Severus who wanted to borrow a silver spoon from her. When they finished, poured their potions into the bottles and corked them, Lily asked:
“Snape? You promised to show me a spell you’ve invented”.
“Ah yeah, of course. Prepare yourself!”, he said seriously and took his wand out of his pocket. Lily looked a bit scared, but she was curious what he was trying to do. Severus aimed his wand at her and said: “Comamcrispo!”
Lily looked at her hair, astonished. Her hair was curly!
“You look good in it, you see!”, Snape turned her so that she could check her new image on the glass of the bookshelf, “Do you want to keep it?”, he smiled.
Lily looked at the reflection in the glass. She looked really, really interested. Then she glanced quickly at the Severus, visible in the glass, standing beside her. His face expression was blazed for a moment, then disappeared.
“So?”, he asked.
“It’s great, I think I’ll keep it for a while if you can change it into straight hair in a few days or even months”, she answered, looking satisfied. “It’s the high time I have changed something in my looks. Petunia always says that I look too provocative with my red long hair. I’ll keep it so that I could change my looks without her knowledge and comments, but you’ll have to conjure straight hair for me when I come back home”, she laughed happily, “Terra and Angela will be shocked!”
“Petunia, you’ve said?”, asked Severus, “Is that the girl with - forgive me being honest, a horse face- your sister?”
“Snape! You really shouldn’t... I mean, you aren’t...”, Lily paused, embarassed, a blush on her face.
“I know I’m not”, he answered coldly, then added quickly, “I remember her, that’s it. She was the one who called me an oddball all the time, not that I was surprised, there’s a huge amount of truth in what she kept saying. I remember her well, it’s a kind of a girl who can’t do anything more strange than washing her hands twenty times a day”, he smiled.
“To be honest, your hair...”, Lily cut the conversation sharply, “You know”.
“Evans, I have an idea”, Severus said after a while, deliberately. “Knowledge is everything. Knowledge helps. You’re brilliant at Potions, I’m not that bad either, and I’m good at various charms and hexes. What would you say if I asked you to reveal a bit of your potion secrets and if I – in return- taught you some charms you may find helpful?”
Lily was thinking for a while, then answered, keeping her book in hands:
“It’s not a bad idea. I can agree but under one condition: you must tell me why you’re so interested in the Dark Arts. Everybody knows you are”.
“Yes, I am”, Snape answered, a shade of pride in his voice, his eyes gleaming with what looked like passion, “The Dark Arts can give you power. It’s even more power than you can possibly imagine. You know the subject, you may decide whether to use your knowledge against somebody or not. You can decide to – er- to punish somebody, by what means to do it, to what extent, you can also omit the possibility. You can defend yourself or to attack. You have the power, you can improve, push the boundaries further...”, he suddenly became silent.
“I know. Knowledge is power indeed”, Lily said quietly, “But... You’re a Slytherin. I don’t know you well. Tell me: if you had a choice to join these who call themselves the Death Eaters, would you do it?”
“Being a Slytherin doesn’t necessarily mean being evil, you know”, Severus sighed and added, “You can be tempted to use the power you have... Right now I can tell you-I’d like to use it on certain people sometimes. Nothing more to say”.
“So we may ask Slughorn if we can use this room for practising”, Lily nodded, “OK, I agree. Let’s say Sunday at five in the afternoon, if Slughorn says his “yes”.
“You don’t really think that Slughorn can say “no” to you, do you?”, Severus smiled, the left angle of his lips curved.
“Why, I...”, Lily became embarassed, “Well... you’re right, I don’t”, she laughed and they went out of the room together. When they were walking past the dim-lit corridor and they saw Regulus Black in the distance, Severus said:
“I have to go. We’ll ask Slughorn, then”.
Lily watched him, walking very fast in front of her, she saw him turning left and joining Regulus, who was still looking like a small kid. He wasn’t tall at all and compared to Severus, he looked as a ten-year-old. Severus was walking like a spider, his long arms and legs swaying, he was also very thin. His dark hair was black, greasy and arm-length, he wasn’t the kind of a boy who somebody could name as “handsome”. He was mysterious, though, like an unread book and it was interesting. Deep inside her heart she knew that he’s full of contrasts and she knew few secrets he didn’t want to reveal. She found them by accident and was very surprised. Lily promised herself not to tell anyone what she had discovered when she had been staying in her parents’ house during holiday. She suddenly felt uncomfortably and tensed, so she started walking faster and soon she joined some more students and a few professors on the Hogwarts corridors, then she told the password: amicus bonus to the Fat Lady and entered the Griffindor common room.

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