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Re: Should homeschooling be illegal?

Originally Posted by flimseycauldron View Post
What is considered "adequate education"?
Well I wouldn't have considered some of the teacher's I had in school as being adequate educators

Personally though, while I wouldn't really consider homeschooling as an option for me if I had kids, I really don't see why it should be made illegal. There are parents who feel that they can do a better job for their own kids, by giving them the attention that a teacher in a classroom of 30+ kids could (i'm going by Irish class sizes here...don't know what the average class size is in America). These parents probably feel that they will be doing a better job for their kids, by giving them attention and the time to study things at their own pace and/or level, rather than letting them get caught up in a system that their kids might get lost in.

I do think that there should be some restrictions imposed, just to make sure that the kids are being adequately educated and cared for. Maybe there should be an agency set up for homeschooling which would support parents, and give parents training on how to educate their kids at home as well as checking up on parents & the kids to see that the kids are doing well and are being taught, not just allowed to sit and play video games all day long?


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