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Originally Posted by deathplce4myhed View Post
Um, just outa curiosity, what does Glee mean?
Well there's the dictionary definition of being happy, but the title of the show is referring to Glee clubs/music:

Originally Posted by Vita View Post
I disliked how the characters were so stereotyped. I know to a certain extent there are those divisions in high schools today but not to that extreme.
That might be the point though. It kind of reminded me of Mean Girls.


Ron and Hermione in Deathly Hallows

Dobby's large, pointed ears were now sticking out from beneath what looked like all the hats Hermione had ever knitted; he
was wearing one on top of the other, so that his head seemed elongated by two or three feet, and on the very topmost
bobble sat Hedwig, hooting serenely and obviously cured.

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