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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Originally Posted by Sereena View Post
I don't mind men doing that either, my boyfriend does it. What bothers me is when men feel insulted if you don't need their chivalry or help. It happens to me a lot that men try to take my luggage from me even after I thanked them and told them I don't need any help. They insist that I am incapable even though I had been carrying my luggage by myself up to that point so obviously I can handle it. That's annoying to me because the point of offering help should be doing something for someone else, not doing it to make yourself feel good and then getting angry when you are refused.
Some men, though, are offended for other reasons. The first one is if someone is offering to help you it's kinda like a slap in the face if you refuse. They are doing it to be polite and are being turned down, apparently, because it has been predetermined that they are being sexist. I have seen men hold open doors for the lady in the wheel chair and the lady who is capable of opening the door herself and the the father with two toddlers in tow and the guy on his cell phone. It is just courtesy. Not to mention the fact that men who hold doors open for people are generally taught to do so by their mothers NOT their fathers.

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