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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Originally Posted by Wab View Post
Of course they weren't asking for it, but storing anything in the cloud shows a massive lack of judgment.
As does sending nude photos to a complete stranger. But strangely, the criticism was mainly of the tabloid for their underhanded sting operation and not of the politician for his lack of judgement. Contrast that with the thieves being virtually ignored and the actresses and singers being mocked and criticised.

Also, does "massive lack of judgement" mean that anyone who uses online banking and gets hacked has been careless? Anyone who buys something online and has their credit card details stolen has made an error in judgement? Anyone whose online details are in any way compromised has shown a "massive lack of judgement"? IMO, focusing on the supposed "mistakes" of the victims detracts from the fact that this was a crime. The accounts were hacked, the photos stolen. The thieves are responsible for this. Not the victims.

Whereas the man who made his own decision to send nude photos to a stranger elicits sympathy as the victim of a tabloid sting operation. There's largely sympathy for him and disgust at the tabloid in the comments. I don't see too much disgust at the hackers or sympathy for the victims in comments on the photos of Jennifer Lawrence and others'

Canis Majoris - I agree with a lot of your post. I'll have to go look up that interview. However, IMO, it's not just about the demand for one set of photos and lack of demand for others - it's about the reaction, it's about who is being held responsible for the photos being in the public domain. It's about it being somehow understandable for a man in the public eye to deliberately send nude photos to a stranger and foolish for a woman in the public eye to take nude photos for private use.


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