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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Originally Posted by FurryDice View Post
Also, does "massive lack of judgement" mean that anyone who uses online banking and gets hacked has been careless? Anyone who buys something online and has their credit card details stolen has made an error in judgement? Anyone whose online details are in any way compromised has shown a "massive lack of judgement"? IMO, focusing on the supposed "mistakes" of the victims detracts from the fact that this was a crime. The accounts were hacked, the photos stolen. The thieves are responsible for this. Not the victims.
Did I say they were responsible? No. So stop putting words in my mouth.

The simple fact is that online banking and shopping services entail a risk but the services are far more secure than most cloud servers.

And while online banking entails risks, so does physical banking.

While it would be wonderful if we lived in a world where everyone was kind and played by the rules, we don't.

I should be able to go on holidays, leave my house open and return to find all my possessions still in place. Won't happen, so I take precautions.

For the same reason, I have refused to use cloud services for any kind of storage of files I don't want people to access for the simple reason they aren't as secure as they should be.

As for people who email or text images of themselves, I have little sympathy as there is a difference between failing to take precautions and actively taking risks.

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