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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Originally Posted by FurryDice
However, IMO, it's not just about the demand for one set of photos and lack of demand for others - it's about the reaction, it's about who is being held responsible for the photos being in the public domain. It's about it being somehow understandable for a man in the public eye to deliberately send nude photos to a stranger and foolish for a woman in the public eye to take nude photos for private use.
I agree. There was an incident in the Illinois US Senate race in 2004, where Jack Ryan walked away from the race under political pressure from his own (Republican) party. The issue was release of some details of previously sealed divorce documents, which contained information about his attempts at getting his wife to visit and participate in sex clubs, specifically to have sex in front of strangers who enjoyed watching. As this evolved through the media (who was responsible for getting the judge to unseal a small part of the divorce settlement for the public good), after the initial surprise wore off, it was stunning how much of the public commentary centered on defending Jack Ryan, and making derogatory comments about his wife (Jerri Ryan) and trying to somehow place blame on her. Incidentally, both had requested sealing the documents to protect their then 9-year-old son; neither appealed the ruling on the unsealing, giving rise to speculation on what else was in the mostly redacted document.

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