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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Originally Posted by Midnightsfire View Post
*agrees with Wab*
No one has condemned Jennifer Lawrence beyond pointing out the risk she took putting them online.
I think in situations like these we need to look at the larger context and to me there are two aspects to this. One of them is that, like others have mentioned, we live in a celeb obsessed culture where people feel entitled to know every intimate detail about someone just because they saw her/him in a movie once or twice. The other aspect is that there's obviously a "market" out there for pictures of naked women, in this case celebrities (I don't think any male celebrity got his phone hacked into). I think that's where the gendered aspect of it comes in. It's not just the hackers who are to blame but also everyone who looked at these pics and thought they had a right to do so.

Another thing is that after Emma Watson delivered her UN speech on gender equality she was subjected to intense internet hatred and people threatened to release naked pictures of her. To those people, releasing naked pics of her was a way of dehumanizing her, turning her into an object and in the end silencing her or making sure no one takes her seriously. This is also sexism. So I think that by just focusing on who took which risks we're missing the bigger picture. It wouldn't matter what risks women took if there weren't people out there ready to take advantage of the situation and if we didn't live in a culture which made it (somewhat) okay to do so.

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