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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Originally Posted by Midnightsfire View Post
Never heard of any sympathy for the man. Other guys have pretty much just said "So what?" Indifference has been the rule.
There was criticism of the tabloid that deceived Brooks Newmark in the way there wasn't criticism of the thieves who stole the photos of young women. There was talk like "what did you expect him to do when an attractive young woman appeared to be interested in him?" It's as if he did nothing irresponsible, whereas Jennifer Lawrence and others are considered irresponsible. It's the double standard that gets me.

If the guy got away with taking photos, it's because there isn't a law saying differently.
I wonder if the same law would be interpreted differently if it was a woman shooting photos up the trousers of a guy in loose shorts. Or a man taking those photos of a guy in loose shorts, for that matter.

Even more interesting since it didn't negatively affect Jeri Ryan.
Even so, if some people seemed to think a woman was to blame for the impact of a sleaze scandal on her husband's political career when she refused to be pressured into having sex in front of an audience. That speaks volumes about the attitude towards women among those individuals. With people like that, a woman cannot win, cannot ever be in the right. And that's the problem - if she had gone and it had been made public, those people would surely have been calling her the s-word, criticising her for agreeing to it.


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