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Re: Wonderbook: Harry Potter Book of Spells Game

Originally Posted by HeadmasterAPWBD View Post
Don't feel like you are being a wet-blanket. I knew going in that Sony had a head-start and I was in for an uphill battle at best. But, if this storybook is the best that Sony can come up with (considering they have already designed a a wand)...and they have tons of engineers at their disposal...good luck. I am one engineer by myself and I am wrapping up a proof-of-concept of something much cooler. If need be, I will patent the portions I that I have a legal right to patent and then I will take it to Ascendio or LeakyCon next year and let the fans see what true immersion into the world of Harry Potter is really all about. I probably will never make a dime, but at least I can say that I came up with a cool idea and brought it to fruition.
Whatever your scheme you don't have the right to use the name Harry Potter.

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