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Re: Who is to blame for Voldemort going bad?

Originally Posted by LilyDreamsOn View Post
We can't blame him for any condition he has from birth, but in the same vein we can't blame others for it either. We can blame Voldemort for his choices and actions, though. Not all psychopaths become mass-murderers. He was perfectly conscious of what he was doing.
Well, I don't blame others for his condition either but someone should have seen the signs and recognized it when he was very young. If you don't teach a kid right from wrong when he is young, he'll keep doing the same stuff when he is an adult. Most people have a sense of morality which Voldemort utterly lacked.

Voldemort became so successful because he was extremely intelligent and magically talented. If not, he'd have been stopped fairly quickly and early.

The line he says to Harry in PS/SS about there being 'no good and evil only power and those too weak to seek it' was most illuminating to me. IMO he did not believe in nor understand the concept of good and evil. He had a warped sense of survival of the fittest. Good and evil is a human concept. Animals don't have any such thing. They do not bother about killing other animals and care primarily for their own survival.

I can just see Voldemort thinking to himself that this 'good and evil' business was some stupid societal custom/practice. Even in our world, we've had practices in the past that were stupid and had to be changed.

I see Voldemort as a wild animal that's loose in the neighborhood. I don't blame the animal for running around attacking people. I blame the people responsible for letting the animal escape. However, now that it has escaped, it should be stopped at any cost.

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