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Re: Who is to blame for Voldemort going bad?

Originally Posted by flimseycauldron View Post
I think that people did notice Tom Riddle's evil proclivities. The orphanage knew but we weren't given an account of how they dealt with him. However, Dumbledore was the main one who knew about Tom Riddle. He knew about Tom's stealing. He knew about the children being afraid of Tom. I think that Dumbledore thought he was helping Tom by bringing him to Hogwarts. He mentored Tom in much the same way he mentored Harry. In fact I would guess that he was more hands on with Tom than Harry. He needed to remain aloof from Harry because of the prophecy. But with Tom Dumbledore was probably intrigued by his obvious magical talent. The fact that he was parseltongue was intriguing as well. And yet Tom still turned into a dark wizard despite Dumbledore's personal interest.
Obviously the orphanage didn't deal with him correctly. They knew something was off with him but seemed perfectly happy to pass him off to Hogwarts without warning anyone. It was only with Dumbledore's assurance and Cole having a little too much to drink that news of his wrongdoings came out.

I don't think Dumbledore mentored Riddle at all. Dumbledore was the only wizard that Riddle was wary about and he didn't try to charm him like the other teachers. Dumbledore says Riddle was always guarded with him. I can see Riddle avoiding Dumbledore as much as possible and Dumbledore would not have forced his help or guidance on someone who didn't want it.

Your wild animal theory is a little off, imho. It's not like anyone was precient. They knew about his tendencies but they chose to see the good in Tom. He was handsome, intelligent, and well-mannered. They thought that if they cultivated his good qualities he wouldn't need his old twisted ways. So Tom wasn't a wild animal. He was more like a large pet dog that went rabid. When an animal goes rabid it reverts back to it's base instincts for survival. And I think that's what Tom did. When Dumbledore took him in he was successful in making Tom feel like he had a real home at Hogwarts. In fact when Tom thinks he might've gotten Hogwarts closed because of the monster in the Chamber of Secrets you can tell he panicked. And it was the thought of losing his home that made him frame Hagrid and lock up the basilisk again. But always he reverted back to his base instincts. His love for his home. His respect for Dumbledore. It all simply got drowned out by the craziness inside him.
The wild animal analogy was basically to show that you couldn't really blame him for being a nutcase. It works with your example as well. You don't blame the dog for becoming rabid but the people who should have been looking after the dog.

The only people who knew about Riddle's tendencies were the people at the orphanage and Dumbledore. None of the other staff, IMO, were even aware that he was capable of such things. I don't think Dumbledore had anything much to do with Riddle feeling at home in Hogwarts. Given that he was coming from an orphanage to a place where he was fawned over by a lot of people, I can see why he loved the place.
Also, I doubt he respected Dumbledore. I think the only thing he might have respected about him was his magical ability.

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