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Re: Who is to blame for Voldemort going bad?

Originally Posted by fluffyfan View Post
Voldies choices are all his, his choice to murder, and general cruelty were his choice alone. If a murderer doesn't believe they are doing the wrong thing then they wouldn't try to hide or cover up their actions, thus seeing as voldy chose to make his uncle take the rap for his first murder he knew full well his crime thus he is totaly responsible for his evil actions. lets stop trying to put the blame onto everyone else and letting the evil people get away with their actions.
Voldemort only covered up his initial murders. Voldemort wasn't stupid. He knew that killing someone would land him in Azkaban. He covered up his initial murders because he didn't want to be jailed. Later on, he doesn't bother covering up his murders.
I don't think he ever thought of killing someone as "wrong". He didn't seem to have any problem killing anyone, telling others to kill or others attempting to kill him or his followers.

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