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Re: Who is to blame for Voldemort going bad?

It was all the violence on the bloody TV that did it!

And the video games!!!

No, but in all serious, Dumbledore is sort of to blame. He saw what Tom Riddle was: a narcissistic, manipulative, unstable, violent sociopath with all of the makings of either a tyrant or a serial killer (as it turned out in his case---both.) Dumbledore should have seen to it that Riddle got some help. I'm sure there are wizard shrinks and some kind of psychiatric potions in the Harry Potter universe; it's clear that they have no "cure alls" for mental illnesses and problems, but they have to have something slightly better than Muggle Psychology, let alone equal to it; it'd be silly for there not to be. Heck, seeing a plain old Muggle shrink might have done the kid (and the world) some good.

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