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Re: Who is to blame for Voldemort going bad?

In Humanities we learnt about 'agencies of socialisation' and how they shape a person. That a person is the product of the life they've had, so I'd say there was no specific direct cause of how Voldemort turned out. Different things like, how his personality was in general, and his parents of course.

Voldemort believed Tom abandoned Merope which would obviously fuel his hatred of Muggles. And the fact that Merope gave up and just left Tom in an orphanage, and I'm guessing he didn't receive much love in that place because i'm sure he would've been different if he had. A loving home would've produced a different Voldemort. But I can't help thinking that his 'friends' had something to do with it too, those people at school that used to follow him and worship him, they made him different too because he probably thought after that that he was something special, and was better than everyone else, gave him power over others and whatnot.

But I dunno, that's just what I think.


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