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Re: Who is to blame for Voldemort going bad?

Originally Posted by Nomsweasley View Post
To be honest.. I wonder what would have happened if Dumbledore never came to him and told him he was a wizard/about Hogwarts..I mean maybe he would have figured out how to control his powers with time..but would he have learned about all that dark magic or everything he learned in general? If he had never gone to Hogwarts/ met other wizards would he care about pure-bloods so much? Would he want power as bad as he did?
I think Riddle would have been a person who manipulated people to get what he wanted. Charming people was not really a magical skill and would work just as well on muggles. Riddle already had rudimentary control over magic to cause people pain. Having such an ability would have made him quite successful in the muggle world. Also, there would be the added danger of uncontrolled magic exploding out of him when he was feeling strong emotions.
All in all, whether he had magic or not, Riddle would have been an extremely dangerous person to deal with.

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