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Re: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part Two [incl. SPOILERS] v.4

I haven't given my full opinion of the trailer, so here goes (in chronological order as best as I can do.)

- Love Hedwig's Theme at the beginning, and how it coordinates with the first few scenes.
- Snape walking into Godric's Hollow... this whole scene is going to be stunning.
- Diadem! Beautiful!
- So happy young Petunia is in the movie. Lily looks great too! Notice the flower? Now remember Slughorn's story? Lily must be good at making flowers with magic.
- Two hands reaching out. Almost obvious they are Lily and Harry's.
- Voldemort opening his eyes (perhaps after King's Cross scene?
- Voldemort's rage on Malfoy Manor: quick shot of Greyback getting hit through glass. (Not dead though, he has a scene with Lavender later).
- Trio jumping into water - probably from the dragon's back.
- More Malfoy Manor rage - this is going to be powerful! Nagini is going to be in the movie so much!
- Guess I should mention Voldemort's speech. Sounds a little quiet and calm. Hmm.
- Dragon with the trio on its back. Notice its eyes - blind! And the little goblin running away from fire. Hehe!
- Knight jumping down from out of nowhere. SO EPIC! Also, before he jumps you can see the Snape-shaped hole.
- Love the "Only One Can Live" Title.
- Snape at Harry's house - love the lightning in this scene! So powerful!
- Spells hitting Hogwarts - oh, this is going to be epic!
- Kingsley guarding Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Neville. Ron's just standing there, staring at Hermione. I think this must be when Harry reveals himself to be alive... maybe.
- Favorite shot of the trailer - Spells colliding into the protection barrier over Hogwarts. Looks like fireworks. My wallpaper shot!
- Narcissa looking great.
- Oliver Wood!!! Leading his broom-flying troops into battle! Quick shot of a Quidditch Pole-wielding Giant! Gotta be quick to see it!
- Knights marching - absolutely brilliant. Loved the knights in the book.
- Nagini diving, possibly out of her protections! Love the Nagini jump effects in the movies.
- "I never wanted any of you to die for me" - I'm gonna have to wait for this one to see in the movie before I give a full opinion on it. I need to see Harry's emotions.
- Another Nagini sighting! This time with Voldemort and Bellatrix. Voldemort blowing the protections. Looks better than we've seen in recent trailers!
- Remus and Tonks holding hands. Someone running in the background behind Tonks. No idea who!
- Epic shot of the protection failing. Boathouse sighting!
- Harry and Voldy's epic cliff jump. Some people don't like it. I do! It will be great! And he calls Voldemort "Tom!" Epic Harry FTW!
- Snape turning into his bat-smoke-like creature. Notice a knocked-out/dead person behind him. A Carrow?
- Love the Room of Requirement shots! Ron and Hermione (holding hands, eek!) running from a large dragon or lion shaped flame!
- Two giants battling in the courtyard. They look great!
- RoR - Harry casting a spell - Aguamenti or the shield-spell, can't tell which. Epic Fireballs!!!
- Bridge explosion. Snatchers (Scabior!) falling! This will be a favorite scene of mine!
- Snatchers running into protections and disentigrating. Skeletons! So cool!
- Molly versus Bellatrix! Molly casts a spell and Bellatrix shields it off first. This battle will be great!
- Dragon over Diagon Alley w/trio on back - The size of him! WOW!
- Harry running through rubble, seeing something. Hmm....
- Epicly awesome tracking shot of Death Eaters casting spells toward Hogwarts! Love this shot!
- Voldemort trying to hit Harry with a spell. Harry deflects it.
- And finally, Harry in the middle of his final duel with Voldemort, probably looking at Neville fighting Nagini! This will be so suspenseful and cool!

Over-all this is my favorite trailer ever! I never expected this much epicness in this short time of a trailer. It is so amazing!


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