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Re: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part Two [incl. SPOILERS] v.4

Wow the trailer's pretty good to say the least, I watched it 5 times straight after first seeing it, I finally got over here to post my opinion however many hours later.

I Like all the battle sequences particularly the Fiendfyre scene and the scene where the Bridge collapses and all the emotional scene particularly the brief shot of Tonks, the look of resignation

I don't mind the idea of an extented battle sequence between Harry and Voldemort, but from what we've heard they've drawn it out for about 15 minutes (which is a Loooooong time) I mean they could easily have just added a few spells back and forth before the war of words (which they've cut out) and to be honest I'm not sure Harry would be so bold/confident as too throw himself and Voldemort over that precipise and the line beforehand seems like its been shoehorned in there just so that Harry can still call him Tom without the other dialog. Anyway enough about that I'm sure it will be awesume in its own way much like the rest of the film

Erm... I think they slightly over used Voldemorts battle cry (for want of a better word) I find it quite comical really the way its presented in the trailer periodically.


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