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Re: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part Two [incl. SPOILERS] v.4

I was really impressed with the trailer. I'd like to make a few points!


-The repeated scream of Voldemort was hilarious at some point. Why did they use it so many times? This has to do with the editing of the trailer, though. It didn't really annoy me, but I found it really weird! Anyway!
-The visual effects aren't polished yet and I think this is quite obvious in the landscapes or in some close-up shots (the Knight falling on the floor, the flower petal growing), but I'm sure that the finished product will be amazing.

Now, everything else was epic. I've got to say that all shots of Snape and the beautiful shot of Petunia and Lily in the meadow are the highlights of the trailer. I just can't wait to watch the Prince's tale on the big screen. It looks so beautiful, sad and emotional.

The Gringotts break-in looks like another highlight in the film. Epic sweeping shots of the dragon escaping, the mad ride in the caverns of the bank...great stuff!

I adore Voldemort's scene with all the dead people in the Malfoy Manor. Really intriguing and chilling.

The battle itself looks amazing. The Snatchers disintegrating, running in the middle of the forbidden forest, falling off the collapsing wooden bridge, the Death Eaters shooting balls of light to the castle, Voldemort destroying the protection forcefield, the tracking shots of the battle in the courtyard with Giants and broom-troopers (hey Oliver Wood!), the very intense raw and gray cinematography during the second phase of the battle and, of course, the visual highlight which was the cliff dive of Harry and Voldemort. It seemed like a scene out of Return of the King. Truly amazing.

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