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Re: Was Harry a powerful wizard?

I doubt anyone would dare to challenge Harry after Deathly Hallows. This is a 17-year old kid who killed Voldemort, has possession of all of the Deathly Hallows, and has survived attempted murder so many times that even Rita Skeeter could not detail every account of every situation.

Even if we know he is not all that powerful (compare what he was doing at 17 with Dumbledore and Tom Riddle), I doubt the lore of Harry Potter will ever subside in the wizarding world.

It, however, would be interesting to see how history books remember Harry. Will they use Snape's account, a mediocre young boy who managed to survive through a combination of good luck and friends? Or will they glorify Harry as "The Chosen One", who was inevitably destined to overthrow The Dark Lord even through the darkest hours of the latter's genocidal purge of Muggle-borns?

I suspect the latter is how Harry will be remembered in the wizarding history books.

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