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Re: Lord Voldemort aka Tom Marvolo Riddle: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Sereena View Post
I never thought as Voldemort as asexual to be honest. I think that especially during his years at Hogwarts, he would at least be curious about relationships and want to see for himself what the fuss is all about. I also think that since he hung out with so many other boys, they might have viewed him as weird if he never gave girls any attention (especially since girls would probably be all over him seeing as he was handsome, brilliant and charismatic) so he might have had a "girlfriend" only to keep up appearances, but without feeling any real affection for her. I just don't see it as very likely that he could get away with never getting involved with anyone and not be considered weird. His words to Snape would also suggest that he has known intimacy, IMO.
Since JKR didn't cover that aspect for Voldemort (nor for many of her characters, esp. outside of Harry's generation), I figure just about anything is possible. I'd say Voldemort is definitely aromantic (since he doesn't love in general, even), and he apparently understands desire on a certain level, at least (enough to understand that other people, like Snape, have desire, at least). Beyond that, he could be sexual or asexual, I think. I tend to go with the theory that he's asexual, though, because he doesn't seem to have much appreciation for the human body. He went on to warp his own body with Dark Magic and he was never shown to appreciate statues or paintings of people, so I have a feeling he just didn't really appreciate the human body enough to truly be attracted to any body. He could still engage in experimentation out of curiosity and/or to keep up appearances, providing he had some biological drive (or was able to work something out with a potion or something), though, even if not really feeling the attraction towards others. I figure he did experiment and keep up appearances during his Hogwarts days, but stopped bothering after he started getting to the point of warping his body with Dark Magic. But who knows?

Originally Posted by HedwigOwl View Post
I'm not sure about that. Diary Riddle was a horcrux, whatever extra strength he may have gained if Ginny died still doesn't give him a physical form. Merging with his horcrux/Diary Riddle would be possible, but according to the book on horcruxes that Hermione has in DH, it's a painful process, and if I recall correctly, involves some sort of remorse on Riddle's part which of course would never happen. And don't horcruxes need their containers to protect them? Diary Riddle was, after all, still vulnerable to being killed when Harry stabbed the diary, even though Riddle was stronger and could pick up physical objects (Harry's wand).
Yeah, I agree. I think Diary!Riddle became corporeal (a la Peeves), but still couldn't survive without his container, since it was the thing tethering him to the mortal coil. And I figure that Voldemort's spirit probably wouldn't be able to possess another spirit or spirit part, even if that spirit was corporeal (a la Peeves). And even if Voldemort merged his spirit with Diary!Riddle, I think that would undo Diary!Riddle's tethering to the mortal coil by way of the container, and thus the newly reintegrated Voldemort would still need a body. And from what I gather, if Voldemort had felt enough remorse and desire to rejoin with Diary!Riddle, I think that act of remorse would affect the other spirit parts as well and they would rejoin at the same time, and unless that Voldemort was in a new body, he'd lose all his tethers to the mortal coil and would go straight beyond the Veil.

I prefer Severus/Lily in an AU, in a world where Snape makes better choices before it's too late, and they stay together forever. I support canon, I just want this parallel AU with Lily not losing her childhood friend and being hurt by that, and with Snape not screwing up his most important relationship and just generally wrecking his life, and with the friendship "upgrade" that certainly could have happened had Snape dialed down the awful choicemaking.
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