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Re: Rate / Review the Last Film you've seen v.3

"Isn't it Romantic?" 5/10 It was okay, given that it is a set-up that allows for infinite plot holes that can be explained away by the premise. For me the best part was Jennifer Saunders in the opening sequence with her 'there are no happy endings for women like us' rant, in light of her Shrek II line 'ogres don't get happy endings.' I don't know if that parallel was deliberate, but I liked it. But from there the movie was downhill.

I also saw What Men Want. 6/10 I could criticize more things, but ... one, it is basically about lead character as an overcompetitive boor learning to not be one, so she was a male stereotype learning to not be one. I'll give credit for this, though, that what really turned her around was seeing that the guy she was interested in really wanted to be a great dad and have a stable loving trusting relationship. At least they flipped the script pretty thoroughly. And second, the product placement was overwhelming, and the product was Atlanta. I live in Atlanta metro and I like Georgia's recent prominence in the film industry, but it was pretty heavy.

Second Act - 3/10 - real yawner, mostly cringeworthy.

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