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Re: Hermione's Family (Do they know she is a witch?)

Originally Posted by SSJ_Jup81
You know, that's my main gripe with Hermione's character. A big lack of background information (and for me, I hate not having background information on a character; that's usually why I prefer reading manga to watching anime, but never mind all that). I hate the fact we don't know enough about her family to even speculate. She doesn't even mention a cousin, or an aunt, or an uncle in passing. I have this feeling, though, that only her parents know about it.
I agree with you so much. I hate not knowing this stuff about her. We got to see her parents for like... a moment in book two... but we never knew their names... this family is like... a big mystery. Though there have been all those speculations that if we do get to know more about her parents they are going to end up getting killed by a Death Eater or two. It just irks me that we don't know much about her family... she is one of my favorite characters and I am sure JK Rowling has a file folder full of information about her family!

Good point though about her relatives not knowing because of how secretive the wizarding world is... didn't think about that.

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