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Re: Hermione's Family (Do they know she is a witch?)

I think they must know, otherwise there would be alot of explainations on Hermione's part.

Let us take these three things in mind before we open another "Potter" book:
1.The prospect of Hermione sending messages to her friends by owl, bringing home Hogsmeade items, and owning a wand, would almost certainly gain her parents' attention; and since Hermione isn't one to lie often, she would have to tell them the truth at some time or another.

2.If I remember correctly, Hermione's parents accompanied her to Diagon Alley - (this event happened in CoS). More than likely, Mr. and Mrs. Granger wouldn't have been able to ignore the fact that there were positively hundreds of magical items, creatures, and people all above, below, and about them.

3.No parent can resist the urge to ask their children what they were doing, how things were, and what was happening at school; Hermione's parents would be bound to get the truth out of their daughter sooner or later.

So you see, either Hermione is playing her cards extremely as her parents don't know anything about Hogwarts, or they know that Hermione is a witch. Simple as pie.


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