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Re: The Twelve Uses of Dragon's Blood

Originally Posted by Xanatos View Post
Ollivander wands contain dragon heartstrings, not blood.

Well, if they dragon blood as a possible core for wands, it hasn't been stated.
Ollivander, though he uses many different wandwoods, uses only three magical cores for his wands: Phoenix feather, Unicorn tail hair, Dragon heart-string.

This does not mean other magical cores---including Dragon's blood---are not used, depending on the country of origin of the wand. Fleur's wand had Veela hair. Krum's was Dragon heart-string. So, to date, there are four known types of wand cores, all of which are solid, not liquid, in nature.

Originally Posted by Essbee View Post
10. Advanced potions ingredients
11. Healing/restorative properties
12. Oven cleaner
I agree.

We know it's used in Potions.
We also know that Hagrid used a bloody 'dragon' steak for his injuries to his face...and Hagrid knows how to heal, in his own way. He's responsible for the health of the animals at Hogwarts and also the forest.
We also know it's used in cleaning solutions, thanks to JK...

And that the 12 uses are significant, in some way, to the story.

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