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Re: Regulus Arcturus Black: Character Analysis

He didn't do it to protect his family. I thought that at first too, but on rereading I realized it wasn't the case. What Hermione meant was that Regulus did not tell Kreacher his reason for stealing the locket or changing his mind because he wanted to protect them - his reasoning being that if they, like Regulus, came to the same realization Regulus did about Voldemort, they would also switch allegiances and make themselves targets for the Death Eaters. I think Regulus believed that if his family were kept largely ignorant of Voldemort's atrocities, they would be safe.

I really like that Regulus came around because of Voldemort's mistreatment of Kreacher. It reflects what his brother said in GoF, that a man's true nature is exposed through how he treats his inferiors. It must have been a real eye-opener for Regulus, to see his former idol for the cruel and heartless monster he really was.

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