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Keep Him Safe A parody of “Bring Him Home”

I imagine this being sung by our own dear werewolf, Remus J Lupin. JKR,

Hear my plea,

Rising from the pages of your book.

He will fight,

Though afraid.

Let him live,

Let him win.

Keep him safe.

Keep him safe.

Keep him safe.

His magic has powerful might,

As we saw all those years ago.

When Voldemort

Killed Lily-

And her husband,

James Potter.

But they are gone,

Like Sirius.

Let him fight,

Let him choose,

But he’s afraid,

He is seventeen.

You can kill,

You can tease,

For the fans-

For their sake-

Give them hope, give me hope!

Let him live.

Keep him safe,

Keep him safe,

Keep him safe.

I know it's been a long delay, but I've been off Harry Potter, until of course, my muses inspired me to do one to Bring Him Home.

You who I called brother,
How could have you come to hate me so?
Is this what you wanted?
Then let my heart be hardened,
And never mind how high the cost may grow,
This will still be so:

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