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Re: Your Favourite Character Names

Unusual names = awesome (as long as it fits)

My only suggestion is to pay attention to the syllables in the names you create. You can have an odd spelling or unique name, just try not to make it more than 2 syllables, 3 tops. The more syllables a name has, the more it will slow the reader down.

Quick example: Breaking Dawn's Renesmee bugged the stink out of me. I could see where she was trying to go with the name, but every time I saw it, my head had to sound it out (Ren-ay-ez-meh). Forgive me for butchering the phonetics but seriously, 4 syllables? After reading it the first several times and trying to work my way through it, I gave up and my eyes just started glazing over each time the name popped up.

In other words, be as creative as you want, just don't forget your readers!

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