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Re: Where does HBP rank in your favorite HP films?

Originally Posted by KDOG View Post
Not to mention there was no explanation of priori incantatum(sp?) if I'm correct. No phoenix song, no Cedric reappearing in the form of a somewhat solidified ghost, nor his mother, nor his father. Just red and green light clashing with each other dramatically. A scene dedicated to three chapters of the book was blown through magnificently quick. Yeah I agree lets cut down on the crummy first task. Pathetic dragon keepers by the way letting the darn thing break right through its chains and fly around the castle trying to eat the Hogwarts champion.

Honestly what they did was shortened important scenes and elongated insignificant scenes and thus ruined all the scenes I looked forward too such as BF&B/DE/Priori, Third Task, The Pensive, and I grumbled about the missing house elves. This was the movie that really had the chance to bring back Dobby as he was only absent one film as he was in the books. And thus due to their choice to forgo the house elves seemed to set precedent for OotP and HBP. BLAH! [/rant]
Also the portrayal of Dumbledore - this was the way they wrote him, not Gambon's fault IMO - was so horrible. Harry's portrayal was also horrible. Newell was such an awful director

Also too much humor...and they terribly over simplified the whole Crouch family story when it was one of the best parts of GoF, not to mention the foundation of the freaking plot!!

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