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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (with spoilers)

Originally Posted by Rookie_Angel View Post
I like the idea better that Delphi was born during HBP, which I've heard some express, but if it wasn't until later in DH, maybe saying that to Narcissa is when the idea to make a Voldy-child hit her..."If I had sons...Hey! Yeah! Great idea! That's an even greater way I can prove my super-extreme, better-than-anyone-else's loyalty to the Dark Lord! Have his kid and give him total control!"
I think she was born during DH because of the Malfoy Manor line. It's only in DH that we find out Bella lived at Malfoy Manor and that Voldemort made it his HQ. During HBP, Arthur raids the Manor several times because of Harry's suspicions so if Bella was there at that point she must have been hiding somewhere. As for whether the child was planned by her, it's possible but wouldn't she worry about missing the final battle due to pregnancy? It's not like she knew that the battle wouldn't be until May and could plan accordingly.

Another thing that occured to me: Voldemort's comments to Bellatrix regarding her family. It seems weird that Voldemort would care so much about Bellatrix having werewolves in the family- unless her family was united by blood with his child. Suddenly his words about "pruning the family tree" acquire a whole new meaning. It's not like he actually thought Tonks was such a huge threat to his regime; he just didn't want a child of his being born into a family which counts werewolves (and their "cubs") among its members.

Originally Posted by Kanksha View Post
I guess I'll buy Delphi too, though I don't know if I understand the timeline. She said she was born at Malfoy Manor sometime shortly before the Battle of Hogwarts, yes? So Bellatrix would have had to be pregnant throughout the events of DH? That seems unlikely.
It doesn't seem that unlikely to me. She could have been in the early stages of the pregnancy during the Seven Potters so no one would have noticed. Then given birth to Delphi in January of February 1998, a few months before the Trio arrived at the Manor. So once again, no one notices anything. The issue for me is: how come Draco didn't know he had a younger cousin? He doesn't say anything during the entire scene of Delphi's reveal. It would have made sense for him to at least say something like "Oh yeah, my aunt gave birth and mom gave the child away after she died" or something. Ultimately, this is the only thing about the Delphi timeline that doesn't make sense to me but even this can be explained away.

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