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It's a small thing, but because it happened at the beginning of PoA, it distracted me and kind of ruined the first viewing of the film for me. Harry using magic to try to read under the covers, when no such thing happened, really bothered me. I wondered how they were going to address that issue come OotP. I also did not like the crying or that sad excuse of an ending.

A lot of people rave about how great Cuaron is, but I don't see it. I like the film much better now, but only because I have made an effort to take it on its own terms and forget that it's supposed to be based on the book PoA.

I also don't like how they seem to think they have to "dumb down" the films and add all that cheesy stuff that doesn't work. No self-respecting 5 year old would think some of that stuff is funny, let alone anyone older.

However, I do make the effort to forget the books & watch the film for its own value...until they do something really stupid.

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