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Re: Which film drives you mad when reading the book?

Although POA had left out some key information, I thought that GOF was absolutely butchered. Barty Crouch Sr. plays a tremendous factor in the book, but was just overlooked in the movie. No one knew he was dead in the book til the very end. I also thought that Sirius played a major role in the book also. And also Priori Incantatem wasn't even explained. I also didn't like that the Dark Mark was underrepresented in the movie. Winky was a big factor in the movie, although I was glad that S.P.E.W. was left out. Oh and the Quidditch World Cup was just awful.

Also, I was extremely disappointed to hear that Dobby would not appear in OOTP. I was under the impression that Dobby played some of the key parts in the book.

Dobby gives Harry the Gillyweed before the Second Task (GOF).
Dobby tells Harry about the Room of Requirement (OOTP).
Dobby warns the DA about Umbridge (OOTP).
Dobby and Kreacher tail Malfoy (HBP).

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