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Re: Which film drives you mad when reading the book?

Originally Posted by snugglepot View Post
PoA, definately!
When I read the Shrieking Shack scene and in the book it's Hermione sitting down terified and shaking, whilst Ron tries to stand on his broken leg between Harry and Sirius and says that line, "If you want to kill Harry....."
Then you look at the movie version!
Why is that ever important? The problem shown in this is that if we give it to Ron, then wouldn't it be a tad out of character for him (movie wise) when this guy who's generally the comedic foil, suddenly grows a backbone and defends Harry? Ron has proven himself to be brave in PS as well with CoS. No need to revisit it in PoA considering that he doesn't actually do anything to help Harry in the end.

so you're saying they should continue ther mistake and make hermione look so much braver in this movie? ron was done a lot better in GoF....was that such a problem? Ron may be the comedic foil, as you put it, but he also has a backbone.....why give his lines to hermione to make him sound weaker? and if he really was brave in the first two....then why do you say it would be a tad out of character? if they'd given him his lines all throughout the movie it would have been better....PoA was the first movie where he was really shown as's just trying to make hermione better than him? It makes no sense! The character's are shown as very one-dimensional in the films...and there's no need for it.

Besides.......isn't the fact that ron isn't able to help harry in the end a sign that he should be given more of the braver lines earlier on, when he can?

Originally Posted by snapegirl77 View Post
I agree. I used to want to nitpick the movies to death, but then I thought what's the point? Movies are completely different from books and as the books get longer, the harder it is to stick to everything in canon. I just enjoy them for being movies, not a play by play of the book.
There are always going to be things I wished they kept from the books, but I don't hate the movies because of it.
i can see your point, but for the obvious things such as how ron and hermione are done, i think they could have easily kept to canon and done them like they're supppsoed to...i still loved GoF even though it was SOOO different, because the cahracterisation was finally getting somewhere.

= I like to support the underdog

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