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Re: Which film drives you mad when reading the book?

Originally Posted by folly54 View Post
That is why people complain that the characters are cariacatures or one dimensional and unrealistic and does an injustice to the characters created by Jo. I have to agree.
Indeed it sucks greatly. I wonder if it's because the movies are targeted to a younger audience. Do the film makers think young people won't understand complexity? Not that Ron or Hermione are very complex but still they could have played their foil roles with out being one dimensional. But regardless of Ron and Hermione's characters I still think the movies are pretty good.
Originally Posted by dta
All of the movies have missed some crucial points, or annoyed me in some small insignificant way, but the one that annoys me the most was definitely SS/PS. It just seemed to be moving way too fast for the story, and it didn't explain things very well.
It probably seemed fast because they tried to cram the entire book into one movie so important scenes were rushed and non-important scenes were non-important and rushed. If they cut out the non-important scenes it would have made a shorter and more understandable movie.

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