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Re: What do you have to explain to your friends and family who only see the movies?

Originally Posted by Belgarath2 View Post
I'm lucky enough to be engaged to someone who we see the films together and no explaining necessary. Although there are heated discussions about everything that's left out...he's not quite as obessive as me, though...
When my dad was forced to watch PS on christmas day ages ago, during the quidditch match when snape was doing his incantation he said, 'so is he the villain?' Ah, the subject of hours of speculation...welcome to our world...
Oh my God!!! My dad is the same way!!! Every movie (I make him go to the premieres with me ) he always says "Oh, now Snape is showing his true colors." This was BEFORE HBP, which by the way, he read the ending in the PX gasping loudly while fellow muggles around us wished desperately to have the ability to hex him! now my dad is convinced he's evil incarnate...and I will never hear the end of it!!!

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