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Re: What do you have to explain to your friends and family who only see the movies?

Originally Posted by eeyore4965 View Post
My dad is HORRIBLE for this, expecially if he sits down in the laast 5 minutes of ANY movie and wants you to catch him up from the beginning AND explain the life stories of every person in the films. I've tried to get him to read the HP books to no avail, but after telling him to sit there and look pretty for the last 5 min of SS, I restarted the movie and he was able to watch it from the beginning. After that I created another HP Film nut! He's 60 years old and really enjoys the movies, his fav is probably COS because of the car but he has started getting friends of his to watch the HP movies as well. He would probably get more out of the movies if he were to read the books, but at least he has started to follow the series from the start so he is getting to know the characters and their stories.
that's pretty good! at least he's stil a fan! shows that the films can't be that bad!

= I like to support the underdog
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