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Re: Regulus Arcturus Black: Character Analysis

1. How did Regulus figure out what the horcrux was, and where?
Voldemort must have claimed a numerous times that he went furthest on the path of immortality, as he did in GoF. Regulus was a Black, a traditional wizarding family, who must have had books dealing on Dark Magic--Regulus might have gone through the concept of a Horcrux once, and, after Kreacher's story, he probably assumed that the locket was a Horcrux.

2. Did he think there was only one?
I don't think he ever thought there was only one, he just never thought there could have been more of them.

3. Did he and Sirius fight, get along, or not care about the other?
I think that in the early childhood days, they were probably getting along, despite Sirius' 'anormality'. However, as time went on, and they became Hogwarts student, they probably suffered a rift -- maybe because they belonged to different houses, maybe because of their personalities. I think they did care about each other, but they ended up believing themselves that they didn't.

4. Why didn't he make Kreacher drink the potion again?
Because that was what had disgusted himself in the first place.

5. How did he get Kreacher on his side?
Kreacher was always on his side, as he had always treated Kreacher without hatred, unlike his brother.

6. Did he die of the potion?
No, but probably the inferi killed him.

7. Is he now one of the inferi in the cave?
If Voldemort was capable of putting a strong spell, that everybody would turn into an inferius if they died there, then he is.

8. Did he truly believe the Slytherin mentality?
Initially, yes. But the farther he went on the Slytherin path, the more he realized its flaws and mistakes.

9. Do you think that his change of mind was affected by Sirius being a Gryffindor?
If he had indeed been close to Sirius in his childhood years, then yes. Otherwise, I think it only inspired him to have the courage to stand over his family's belifs, but it wasn't a predominant factor for his change of mind.

I really liked Regulus as a character, for what he did. It just proved that you don't have to be evil-natured if you are a Slytherin, and that changes can occur anytime in anyone's mentality, causing them to make decisions they themselves didn't think they were capable of.

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