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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Chapter 19: The Second Task (Part 1)

As we move along to the second task, we once again get to see the high production values put into this film. Once again Newall's strength is emphasized in his scenic shots and makes the bottom of the Black Lake look far more dangerous than potentially tourist friendly. I do like Radcliffe's bit of tense acting, although there were some lines that were pretty poor. Mainly his response to Neville's question of whether he was nervous. It is pretty cool that we do get to see a side of Neville on his knowledge of herbology, but his I killed Harry Potter line wasn't all that funny IMHO.

While the shot of the stands in the lake is beautiful and kinda of continues the theme of magicking seating for the audience, it does make me wonder if it's exactly the best thing to use. Once again it reminds me of the steel statdium of the QWC, while impressive, is really a showing more muggle influence than hinted at in the novels. I guess steampunk is in with this HP film. The only bit of comedy I did like was how Moody kept on nudging Harry into the water although there is a bit of a movie-goof where we see him nudge him in one shot, then he nudges him again in the next shot.

The SFX of Harry changing, it's alright, nothing spectacular especially in comparison to the Black Lake. I basically love all the 3 tasks for their use of wide scenic shots because once again I'd like to emphasize how Newall seems to make the scenary look hard, cold and unforgiving. It's not a place that you'd like to get lost in or even fall lest you want to die. The size of the lake is emphasized by Harry being merely a tadpole of a speck on the screen while the the cliff into the deep just dwarfs him. The forest of seaweed, actually does a good of being much like a forest (complete with oh so scary ninja Grindelows passbys) but still maintaining their own uniqueness of the lake.

The actual merpeople city, although nothing like I imagined, I do like it. I've always wondered what a village on the bottom of the sea would look like, but this IMHO is a bit better since it is a real sort of fantasy feeling to it. It resembles an ancient ruin of a race that wasn't as abundent as before and sort of reflects how magical society itself sort of faces extinction itself compared to the growth of the muggle world. Although it does look far more inhabitable even by merpeople standards, it does look like something more for beasts than a civilization which I guess is acceptable.

The mer-people....well they don't impress like dragons do so I'll leave it at that. I have a personal bias but perhaps someone else doesn't. Other than that I'll leave part 1 just before Harry reaches the abducted and continue part 2 from there. Also just to fix my little problem pointed out by Blofeld, Here is the link to the previous chapters. Not complete yet, but would be maybe by the end of the month when I'm finished with my move.

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