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Re: Luna in Ravenclaw?

Originally Posted by mrsweasley51490 View Post
as you can see people are not always put in houses that is most logical for example hermione if she is the smartest person in her year then why isnt she in ravenclaw?.
Because Hermione is easily as brave as she is smart.

You might also say she should be a Hufflepuff - noone showed more loyalty during this series than her.

But the Sorting Hat had to identify what her key characteristc is: and despite her obvious love of studying, her key trait lies in her heart not her head.

I like Luna as a Ravenclaw - she is definetly a thinker. The word "intelligence" refers to a lot of aspects, but is different from knowledge (which is more encyclopedic) - Luna has intelligence in spades. Clearly she *could* have been a Gryffindor... but is very well suited in her current house.

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