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Re: Comments on: Auror Elections

Originally Posted by Voldemorts8thHorcrux View Post
How do you become an auror? just wondering, i know that by the time i get enough posts, there probably won't be a need for more .
I doubt there'll ever be a time when we don't need more staff, given that staff members do retire when they feel that they won't be able to spend as much time here- and as for how you become one, lanifiel answered that question a few pages back- I'll quote him.

lanifiel on the subject of how Aurors are chosen
Aurors are chosen from the pool of members who have sufficiently put time into the site. These people are members who have Hogwarts Graduates or above and are in Hogsmeade. The Unspeakables and admins are the ones who choose new aurors from this pool.

Thanks for the congratulations, everyone! Even though I'm seeing this nearly four months late and all..

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