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Re: Batman 2: The Dark Knight

I just saw the new Dark Knight trailer!!!!! It is awsome!!!! I saw the original trailer a couple of months ago and it was great, but this, oh my gosh, the just makes me want to see it even more!! You can see the brand new trailer here at The Fan.

I thought that Nicholson was a great Joker, but I think that Ledger is gonna make an even greater one. It looks like he's a lot more violent(personally I don't think Nicholson's performance was all that violent to fit the Joker's personality).

As for Michael Keaton as Batman in the other movies, well is a good actor, but he didn't make all that great of a Batman to me. Christian Bale on the other hand is perfect! You couldn't ask for a better person to play Batman.

This is deffinitly my #1 must see movie of the year. Half-Blood Prince is second. Right when the Dark Knight comes out in theaters I'm going to try and see it right away. Then right when it comes out on DVD I'm getting it right away.

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