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Re: Harry Potter the Musical? Watch it or Not?

Originally Posted by skullangel View Post
Youre right we wont know till someone tries... Heck as far as we know it could be like High School musical and as many dont like it it was a financial success... Much to the chagrin of those that dont like it... In my view after DH we all dont have much to look forward to anymore so if someone came to do a HP ala high school musical its better that nothing right... They just have to make it accurate to make sure us old time fans stay fans.
I have never seen High School Musical. It seemed... frightening. It wasn't on my list of films to watch, but I should probably see it even if I don't end up liking it. You never know, I might find a gem in there somewhere :P
You are right about the whole DH thing. Once it's out this is over unless people keep trying to do something new and unique with it.
I think the great part about song is that you can add (probably more) detail than in just a straightforward movie. Because in a song you can sing something that normally wouldn't be said out loud. A good example would be when Harry saw Prof. Snape's memories of James. In the movie his feelings about his little expedition into SWM are completely shoved aside and are not even questioned, but in the book (if I recall correctly) Harry was suddenly confused and ceased to idolize his father. I think he even compares his father to Dudley(?) (correct me if I'm wrong I haven't read the book in some time)
So, in a musical, you could mention these character developments without having to SHOW something all the time which is of course the problem (I think) with a lot of the movies. Emotion sometimes seems to get glossed over in the films and this is sort of an interesting way to liberate those thoughts and feelings.
Though, I think it would take someone with a lot of love for the books to get it right and someone who has a firm grasp on the difference between lovely and cheesy.
(And someone who can give Prof. McGonagall a Scottish jig part :P jk!)

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