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Re: What annoyed you most about GOF v3

Originally Posted by FurryDice View Post
I agree, I'd at least like to have heard Crouch explaining how and when his father broke him out of Azkaban- honestly, "I must write to Azkaban, I think they'll find they're missing a prisoner"?? Dire writing.
absolutely agree!! no explanation what so ever!! ...just oh, 'someone who was supposed to have died in prison, is really alive and at large with Lord V.' atrocious

The hair colour doesn't bother me, it's a minor detail, especially when he's a minor character and we only see him in his own form in a couple of scenes.
aside from the terrible way Barty Jnr was portrayed (i cannot stress just how much the tongue flicking annoys me )...the hair colour does bother me. i know its a minor detail, but its something that shouldnt have been changed IMO!

Why do people have a problem with Cho's accent?
i actually really like Cho's accent! i think it really adds to her character! its the same with Luna's Irish accent! its a quirky addition that makes her more interesting IMO

I disliked seeing the first task with the dragon drawn out so much. Harry didn't seem like he knew what he was doing and it wasted a lot of time.
i totally agree! in the book, the First Task was about Harrys finese on a broom, in the movie its about him trying to survive a Dragon attack that would not have been allowed to happen!....but i suppose the First Task from the book wasnt exciting enough to be put on film!....incidentally i really liked the look of the Dragon!...just wish they had of spent time on the other champions struggles with their own Dragons!- instead of that drawn out chase

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