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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

Originally Posted by Pearl_Took View Post
Wow, KittyTwo. You've been registered on this forum for 1,469 days and this is your first post????? That's very restrained of you!

Having rewatched PoA recently, I remembered why, exactly, it is my favourite HP film. It captures the spirit of Harry's world perhaps better than all the others.

I hear you.

I didn't mind that, since I sometimes tend to forget about plot logistics. Bella blowing out the windows of the Great Hall was quite upsetting -- her sheer glee at destroying what was a precious world for so many magical children.

I do think the Burrows scene is ... really lame.

So do I.

Yes, I thought that was rather 'off' as well.

Overall, I really like the film. Although I don't like it more than OotP. They both tie for second place in my affections, really. HBP's big saving graces for me were the Snape and Draco storylines, and the very moving scenes between Harry and Dumbledore in the cave.

And I did like the humour/romance angle too. Hermione was given a lot of poignancy in this film.

Hi Pearl - well obviously I am more of a lurker than a poster, for various reasons including my own personality and lack of time. It’s been quite a while since I visited this site but I suppose I just felt like posting my take on HBP. Maybe I should introduce myself if I am going to post: I am a middle-aged woman, Canadian, a lifelong fantasy and SF fan, introduced to HP by the younger members of my family around the time the PoA book came out.

Like everyone here, I love the HP books, even the bloated OotP. That movie follows closely after PoA and HBP in my heart. I was less keen on GoF but it was more fun than PS and CoS. For me the first two HP films were rather bland and draggy, though still enjoyable.

I agree with you about the romance angle in the HBP movie. I thought it was well done, funny and sweet, and Hermione was heartbreaking, even to someone whose years of teenage angst are lost in the misty past. Emma really stepped up.

Dumbledore’s death was handled interestingly and well, IMO, and the Deatheaters themselves were fine. But it seemed to me that after the big buildup of Draco and the Vanishing Cabinet, the Deatheaters should have had more to do.

I liked the Burrow scene because of the visuals, because it illustrated Harry’s impetuosity and courage and Ginny’s feelings, because it brought forward how randomly dangerous the wizarding world had become, and frankly, because Lupin was in it.

I recognize you and a couple of others from the LotR board (where again I mostly lurk), and follow any of your posts that I see here with interest. Even if I don’t always agree with them, they are thoughtful and make sense. I have been a LotR fan for many, many years, mostly loved those movies, and am interested in the discussion of The Hobbit movie, so I may see you there.

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