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Re: Ultimate Film Collection Editions

Originally Posted by harry5678 View Post

:O How many discs are these things going to be?!?!?! That's like as thick as the Years 1-3 Set! And it has SIX discs in it! I'm quite sure they wouldn't make it THAT thick, because they felt like it. So what do you guys think? Any possibility that these could be bigger than just another 2-Disc set? Gah, i was figuring just a revamped 2-Disc set, but that looks like a 4-Disc Set (Unless it's been photoshopped to be that thick and i just a normal DVD 2-Disc, but i sincerely hope not! If it is a 3- or even 4-Disc set, what all do you guys think it might include?!?!
Let's hope it's a 4-Disc set
I don't think they'll add all the deleted scenes in this collection. They'll probably save some scenes and features to a later publication.

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