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Re: What annoyed you most about GOF v3

What annoyed me a lot was how the final version was so different to the version that Kloves actually wrote. His version of the opening feast had Dumbledore walking around the tables, getting amongst the students as he announced the tournament (you can see some glimpses of this in the original teaser, and Gambon mentioned in an interview at the time that this sort of thing would keep the movie fresh), but what we got in the end was a horribly limp scene where he stands at the lectern and delivers a dry monlogue. I would have much preferred the excited Dumbledore from the teaser. Newell chewed up his script and spat it out again. Don't get me wrong, the movie still worked, it was enjoyable and had it's moments (the maze in particular) but it ended up being a limp take on Cuaron's world rather than something that really took his vision forward.

Originally Posted by LumosSempra
I'm also really peeved with Ralph Fienne's performance as Voldemort. I really wish he had at least read the books to get a sense of who Voldemort actually was, and that he actually took the character seriously. He played him almost like a stereotypical comic hero villain that shouts, "Nnnnoooooo!" when his nemesis gets away. Seriously?! That part in the grave yard when Harry got away made me cringe!
Doesn't Voldemort run around shrieking in DH when the trio escape Malfoy Manor? Hardly out of line with Fiennes' performance IMO.

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