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Re: Which Film Is The Darkest?

Originally Posted by MasterOfDeath View Post
To answer your question, I think DH1 will be the darkest film when it's all said and done. DH2 will be dark too but at least it has a happy ending. DH1 is going to be a sad and quite pathetic film. (not in terms of quality but in terms of what the characters go through) Especially if they end on a literal cliffhanger. There will be no resolution at all. It can easily be the Potter series's darkest hour.
I think it's hilarious how every new HP movie has at least one trailer claiming to be Harry's Darkest Hour; (Not making fun of you at all, just saying.) I can just see the trailer editors.... "And Harry's darkest hour....*year later* But WAIT! This hour is even darker! *Year later* Oh no, wait till you see THIS one!" I had a HP trailer marathon a few days ago, and it really struck me.

To answer your question, I think HBP has been the darkest/most mature so far. To understand all the subtle, wordless tension between Draco and Harry, and Draco and Snape, and Harry and Dumbledore, you have to really have your mind on the story. All of the others felt more like mindless popcorn movies to me, even if they had some dark moments. =D

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