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Re: Alfred Hitchcock Movies

So I did indeed watch Vertigo next (review quoted below) and it was excellent!

Originally Posted by lcbaseball22

I watched yet another Hitchock movie and at the risk of sounding cliché...

Vertigo- 96%

Well, the plot is quite implausible but I was so drawn in that I didn't realize this until afterwards...when I was reflecting back on the film. If you can overlook this minor issue I believe this is truly a cinematic masterpiece! All that's holding me back from giving it an even higher score than Rear Window is a personal distaste for the ending (an abrupt one yet again, but I can't deny it was brilliant even if I didn't like how it turned out) and as such Rear Window remains my favorite Hitchcock movie for the moment, with this coming in a very close 2nd. It's not quite as suspenseful but it lives up to it's reputation as a "psychological thriller" and the twists caught me by complete surprise I must say. As for the acting, Stewart gives a terrifying but extraordinary performance. He's been fantastic in everything I've seen but his role here was different...a side I hadn't seen before. And Kim Novac is another stunning blonde beauty who holds her own alongside Stewart.

I found the filming style very interesting. The "Vertigo effect" was particularly awesome and yes, "unsettling" (as the following article says)

The use of color during select scenes was pretty cool as well...for instance during the dream sequence (partly seen below)

Then came Notorious-
Originally Posted by lcbaseball22 View Post

Anyways, so continuing on with my Hitchcock marathon...and IMO, he comes back down to earth a bit with this one

Notorious- 79%

It still had a lot of his brilliance but it was rather dull at moments. Something about it just didn't grab me like his previous thrillers and I didn't feel as if there was much of an emotional attachment established with characters, so you could care less what happened to them.

The romance also developed abruptly (not un-common though) and I didn't sense much chemistry between Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman.

It might still make my Top 100, but just barely...

BTW, some interesting trivia I've read-

The "on again, off again" kiss is historically famous as it was Hitchcock's way of skirting around an old code that limited kisses to 3 sec
And the last I just watched, was Shadow of a Doubt-

Originally Posted by lcbaseball22 View Post
Shadow of A Doubt- 94%

Supposedly Hitchcock once stated that this was his personal favorite of the films he directed. While it isn't my favorite, I can see why it could be someone else's. Set aside a couple lame scenes (the main one being the ending) and some odd dialogue that occured at times and you have another masterpiece. BTW, I think it's best to watch this without any prior knowledge. I'd only read the plot summary on IMDB (basically spoiler free, like what's on the back of a DVD box, you know?) but that was enough to diminish some of the suspense for me.

Originally Posted by ComicBookWorm View Post
Notorious is my favorite, too.
Hmm, while still very good I'd have to say Notorious is actually my least favorite so far...

However, I should mention that I re-watched Rope (cause my dad hadn't seen it) and it was kinda boring the 2nd time through. I'd drop my score on that one down into the low 80's (actually 80% even). It just takes too long to really become compelling (which occurs once James Stewart appears)

Hey, so I had a question that I asked in the "rate the last film" thread but I didn't get a response. I presume I am more likely to here...

Does anyone know how much of Hitchcock's work is adaptations based on plays, novels, etc?

Not that there is anything wrong with this, but it seems like hardly any of it is his own original material.

Oh, and any further recommendations or thoughts...these are the rest that I'm considering watching

The Lady Vanishes
The 39 Steps
To Catch A Thief
Strangers on a Train
The Wrong Man
Trouble with Harry
Foreign Correspondent
The Man Who Knew Too Much


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