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Re: Alfred Hitchcock Movies

Originally Posted by lcbaseball22 View Post
I just watched it, but wouldn't call it a "masterpiece". I elaborated a bit in the "rate the last film" thread
If you look at the film as an adaptation of the book and not a Hitchcock film - It is a great piece of work. I read the book first and then watched the film without knowing Hitchcock directed and I have always believed it is a great adaptation.

Hitchcock captures the tone of the book perfectly and I think Fontaine did a great job as the innocent and vulnerable new wife.

My only criticism is for the end of the film (regardless of the change he had to make) Hitchcock shot it like his typical mystery reveal and I didn't think it had the same meandering flow of the book.
The novel is a story which contains a mystery - its not a mystery story, a whodunit or a thriller. The novel is more focused on the narrator trying to meet expectations left by the former Mrs de Winter.


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