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Re: Harry Potter Theme Park v.2

I finally had the chance to go, It was pretty awesome, of course I would have enjoyed the experience much if I had had money to spend on the many items I wanted to try, but I was penniless, I made a big effort to take my girls to Disney again and to visit the park but I did not have a penny to spend but nevertheless I can say its pretty neat.

My favorite one was the Forbidden Journey ride, that was the best, it is really freaking awesome , I only got to do it once cause Belen could not ride on it and we had to take turns with my hubby which really sucked cause Belen is a big fan as well but , I understand she was not big enough and therefore not safe enough for her to ride. She did ride the flight of the Hippogriff twice which was fun as well , and we did not do the dragons cause I am not a fan of rollercoastes so...

We did try butterbeer which is simply delicious and my hubby got me a Gryffindor Hoodie, for Xmas . I wanted a cloak but he said paying that much for something I could not wear everyday was simply silly. So , okay , I got the hoodie. which is awesome.

One thing I liked was the detail in the stores, I got to see a mandragora and quaffles on windows displays , it was pretty neat.


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